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Cardi B Memes: A Commentary on Black & Immigrant Experience

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July 24, 2018

Earlier this year ESENDOM wrote about Cardi B’s successes up until that point. Since, she has charted more hit singles, dropped a best-selling album, and gave birth to baby Kulture Kiari, among other successes and milestones. These past few weeks, however, the artist has been making headlines, not for anything relevant to today, but due to a photo of a five-year-old Cardi that has resurfaced and the Internet is having a ball with it. Fans have gotten a hold of the photo and the creations are legendary. 

The Cardi B phenomenon is giving ordinary people—and cultural studies theorists—more material. Cardi B has entered into the popular imaginary with mama's jokes that are an old African American tradition, something people from the Caribbean and the rest of the Americas have in common with African Americans. Perhaps it is because mothers play such a critical role in our lives that people are using Cardi B memes to express themselves in a witty and funny way.

There are few artists who inspire people to express themselves through their personas. Cardi B not only inspired people to mobilize and seek justice for the death of Lesandro Junior Felíz-Guzmán, but she also inspires people to look inside themselves and laugh in times like these. Cardi B is a trendsetter and we at ESENDOM cannot wait for what is next for the artist.

Below are some of the legendary memes: 

Sassy Cardi...

Ay, la chancla...

Savage Cardi

When the Jehova Witness knock on your door 

El Lápiz Conciente, Musicólogo The Libro, Amara La Negra, Luis Vargas, Blas Durán, yeah, yeah...

Dominicans are not the only ones with unique names

Repent your sins

Para las madres que cojen los chelitos para ellas

When you try to get th kids' special using false pretenses 

Que pique da eso 

When the third wheel is a child

Jueguen con la niña

Kids in New York City schools 

Que vergüenza

Some people only want you for the material things