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1199 Union Launches Labor Actions in New York City


A sign that working-class people are beginning to mobilize.

July 14, 2018

On July 12, the workers union 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, launched a series of labor actions in an effort to protect pension benefits.

A union bulletin obtained by ESENDOM provides a glimpse of the behind the scenes negotiations that led to the latest labor mobilizations. According to the League Bargaining Bulletin #3:

"Today, June 13th, your 1199 Bargaining Committee met with League Management to hear its list of contract proposals. Management did not present any wage proposals, but instead continued its song and dance about the need to make significant ‘modifications’ to the pension benefit structure. After presenting their demands, they rejected the majority of ours out of hand."


According to 1199 union members at one picket line in New York, the bosses want to reduce pensions.

The attack on unionized workers is also coming from President Trump who is rolling back Obama-era labor protection laws. 


What's to come 

During this time of uncertainties, it is crucial that everyone living in the United States band together. People’s rights are not only being violated, but rights are also being stripped from people who do not conform to the distorted “American values” that Trump and his political allies are selling to the public.

All the attacks on immigrants, people of color, unions, small businesses, the arts, the financially dependent, and so forth are more related than anyone could possibly think. These are well-coordinated isolated attacks that are meant to demoralize and destroy any persons and all communities that do not conform to the Trump administration’s vision of “Americans.”