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Hurricane Irma Update (September 10)

Nelson SantanaComment



By ESENDOM                September 10, 2017 

NASA is tracking Irma: See the latest on hurricanes Irma here. 

A Republican for climate change: Miami’s Republican mayor Tomás Regalado is urging President Trump to acknowledge climate change as the root of the recent extreme weather in the U.S, according to the Miami Herald.  

Florida no longer a paradise: Michael Grunwald writes a very incisive piece for Politico in which he argues that Mother Nature never intended for humans to live in Florida, a place that was once seen as paradisiacal and now is facing a new ecological crisis that could threaten the living.

Evacuate now: A piece in Counterpunch asks whether or not the National Hurricane Center is underestimating the destructive effects of Irma. Could it be bigger than Katrina? 

State of Georgia under state of emergency: Local meteorologists warn that 60mph winds and heavy rain will hit the state Monday morning. 


Dominican Republic Provinces in High Alert due to Hurricane Irma (Updated)