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Marisol Alcántara Blames “Russian Meddling” in NY Primaries for Her Loss

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By Boris
September 17, 2018

The turncoat Democrat who lost her re-election bid on Thursday said her huge defeat was the work of “Russian hackers.”

Alcántara was one of the six legislators who lost after voters punished them for their past alliance with Republicans in Albany. Denial was all over her face last nite while her supporters tried to console her and fan her with a Dominican flag.

#TeamAlcántara spent the entire night strategizing about Alcántara’s future. Should she switch to the Republican Party? Should she run for the governing PLD party in the DR? There were no answers to any of these questions for the time being.

More sobbing, crying and golpes de pecho continued until the wee hours of the nite when Alcántara said that maybe she could join The New York Times editorial board, remain in denial and continue to blame the “Russians” for her lost.