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Something Not Right with School Breakfast Milk in Dominican Republic

Nelson Santana

By Peralta Mejia

September 26, 2010

School breakfast milk continues to make students sick

This week Dominican media revealed new cases of food poisoning from drinking milk in public schools. According to, in Jarabacoa (Cibao region) fourteen primary school students were hospitalized shortly after drinking milk.

Last year, there were several cases of food poisoning from drinking milk across the country. In fact, approximately one hundredth students showed signs of food poisoning after drinking the milk supplied by Lácteos Dominicanos (Ladom). In 2008, Ladom became a target of criticism from parents, students and civil society after independent journalist Nuria Piera revealed that the milk it supplied to the government funded breakfast lacked nutritional values.

However, the government and the milk company vehemently denied the allegations. This led to protests by parents and grassroots organizations.

As a result, the Dominican government removed Alejandrina German from the Ministry of Education and placed her as head of Women’s affairs. Additionally, the government promised to end the contract with Ladom, the milk supplier.

The recent events prompt the following question: Is the government telling the truth about the milk intoxication?

Once again, the latest events cast doubt on the Dominican government. On September 23, Listin Diario newspaper reported on its website that the milk that made the students sick this week was supplied by Ladom, the milk supplier company responsible for making poor students sick since 2008.