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NSA Scholarships 2010: Investing in our Future

Nelson Santana

Written by: Emmanuel Espinal

June 10th 2010, Flushing Meadows -- Under a dreary sky and the threat of rain, the handing out of scholarships by the National Supermarkets Association took place in the city of New York. The event took place in the grand ballroom of the grandiose Terrace on the Park. The evening kicked off with cocktail hour and dinner. Then all of the recipients of scholarships would be gathered on the terrace to have their picture taken with the actual president of the NSA, William Rodríguez.

Immediately after the photo the ceremony started. Nelson Eusebio would be the initial speaker and after an introduction he announced ex-councilman Guillermo Linares.  Linares offered a few words for reflection to the scholarship winners. Assemblyman José Peralta and Assemblyman Nelson Castro, from the Bronx, would later follow; both gave anecdotes and spoke on the importance of education in our community.

William Rodríguez, the actual but parting president, gave a small discourse on how to achieve the "American Dream" and the role education plays in achieving it. He started by giving his personal story of how his parents came to the United States in '61 after the death of the dictator Trujillo; this transition opened the doors to a higher education that has been key to his successes and his achieving his personal "American Dream."

A brief moment was dedicated to present the new board of directors and to thank and commend the parting board for the job they did. New president, David Corona, took a couple of minutes to give a brief speech. The ceremony continued with the naming of all the scholarship winners and the taking of their pictures. As night fell, the ceremony finished with music by the DJ.


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The Scholarships given by the NSA are an Investment in our Future

We have to highlight the job that the National Supermarkets Association is doing, in regard to the promoting the growth of our own with the assistance in funding of education. For years the NSA has been giving scholarships to university students as an incentive to pay for their education. These scholarships are an indispensable resource for any student, as everyday it is more expensive to get a college education, and paying for it is the biggest headache a college student faces.

          Education is fundamental in our community and for this reason the scholarships given by the NSA are an investment into the future of our own. This is something we must support and applaud, since every scholarship granted assures the eradication of ignorance and that our future be brighter each and everyday.