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Hypertension: The Silent Killer

Nelson Santana
Written by Carmen Santana-Restituyo
June 15, 2010

High arterial (blood) pressure or hypertension is a very common medical condition also known as the silent killer because its symptoms are very difficult to detect and its difficulty in detection can lead to serious medical problems. High blood pressure can cause permanent injury to the blood vessels and the heart.

High blood pressure is the amount of force emitted by the blood when it moves against the blood vessels. High blood pressure depends on the volume of the blood of the patient, the hardening and or the elasticity of the blood vessels. The acceptable parameters for high blood pressure are 90/60 up to 140/90.


Family history of high blood pressure is perhaps one of the most notable risks when evaluating a patient                                                                                                     

Being overweight                                                                                                                               

Not maintaining a healthy diet, eating salty and greasy foods often, as well as junk food                                  

No exercises                                                                                                                                

Other medical conditions can trigger and serve as a secondary cause of high blood pressure: Uncontrolled diabetes, high cholesterol in the blood, cardiac problems, kidney problems                                                                                                                                       

Heavy alcohol drinking                                                                                                                       

Age increases the risk of high blood pressure                                                                                         

Certain medicines can affect the blood pressure


Control one’s weight, exercise moderately                                                                                  

Eat healthy: reduce the intake of salt, fats                                                                                   

Avoid alcohol consumption                                                                                                         

And mainly take medication even though there may be no symptoms                                                       

Respect the Doctor’s recommendations to treat other medical conditions that may be the cause of the arterial high (blood) pressure.


Without doubt one must never forget to fear the silent killer. Precautions are to be taken seriously to prevent severe harm to the body. Those who happen to take this health issue as a joke should be wary that complications can vary from a slight headache to a heart attack, a stroke or even death. Be sure to speak to your doctor for more information.