Cultura y conciencia

Reintroducing Esendom after a Brief Hiatus

Nelson Santana

By Emmanuel Espinal and Nelson Santana

June 14, 2017

Esencia Dominicana (Esendom), literally Dominican Essence, is the marriage of the ideas of two children playing at being adults, whose illusions became reality through text and images plastered on a digital medium. This magazine is the cementing of the concerns, interests and the desire to inform about an island that besides being exploited by whom ever fell in love with its splendor is still an exuberant and splendid but injured after their departure. It is an island with a unique history, a vibrant culture full of rhythm, flavors and colors that cannot be matched.

Esendom is the telling of that continuous story. In that telling of the story we look to demonstrate that the Dominican Republic is not only beautiful beaches and the cradle of baseball; but that it is a vibrant culture composed of the Taíno, Spanish and African heritage unified by the crystallization of time. Esendom is the filter through which Dominicans are a click away from connecting to this world that they yearn for and get informed of the achievements we have accomplished as an extensive society through our dissemination.

The purpose of this magazine is to create a network of critical information that is to be of use to the Dominican community—whether Dominicans in the Dominican Republic or emigrants abroad. ESENDOM is about the Dominican population, for Dominican-descended people and everyone who is interested in learning about the richness of this beautiful culture.

With the growth of consciousness acquired in the past eight years of the importance of the voice we represent and with a new criterion, ESENDOM relaunches to a new phase enriched by experience. This new phase is marked by oral histories and intimate Dominican experiences plus new concepts to recount and highlight our culture. We hope that we can become intimate friends through this new spectrum that promises to plaster and exalt our Dominicaness. Accompany us on this new voyage which we embark on today with the firm commitment that we have always had to be the authentic voice of the Dominican community.