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Julisa Marie Mugica: Especias familiares (Family Spices)

Nelson SantanaComment

Artist Julisa Mugica discusses her interests, aspirations, inspirations, and also the reason behind Especias Familiares.

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• Interviewee/Entrevista: Julisa Mugica
• Interviewer/Enrevistador: Nelson Santana
• Interview Date/Fecha de entrevista: September 21, 2018
• Interview Location/Lugar de entrevista: Perth Amboy, New Jersey
• Published date/Fecha publicada: October 1, 2018
• Format/Formato: Digital, MOV
• Length/Duración: 22:34
• Resource Type/Tipo de recurso: Audiovisual recording/Grabación audiovisual
• Direct link/Enlace:
• Copyright/Derechos de autor: ESENDOM