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Jim Carrey Denounces Trump’s Child Separation Policy

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Even Laura Bush, former Republican First Lady opposes child separation

June 20, 2018

  • President Donald Trump is under fire as more people condemn his racist attacks on immigrants
  • Trump’s zero tolerance anti-immigrant policies coincide with the resurgence of xenophobia in Italy and other European countries

On June 1, the comedian and actor lashed out against the Trump administration as more horrific news reports about families being torn apart in the US-Mexico border surface. On his Twitter, account, Carrey characterized Trumpism as a racist ideology:

Lately, Carrey has been chronicling the state of the country under the right wing, Trump White House through art. Carrey’s intervention in defense of the powerless recall another comedian and actor, Charlie Chaplin who was outspoken against injustice and the horrors inflicted by the dictatorial regime of Adolph Hitler in Germany and abroad.