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Two Subway Riders Save Man Who Fell on the Tracks

Nelson Santana

Senior citizen saved from an imminent death by upcoming train

By Amaury Rodríguez

April 13, 2011

Photo: AR/Esendom

New York – An unidentified man of approximately 60 years of age fell onto the subway tracks this morning around 9:40am.

The accident occurred on the uptown side of 96TH street subway station in the Upper West side.

Luck was on his side.  In fact, the number 1 train had just left when he fell onto the trash infested metal tracks. Immediately, two well-built men jumped to the rescue. Esendom was there when Angel Martínez and James Almes struggled to lift the man up and eventually dragged him to the subway platform.


Photo: AR/Esendom

Once on the platform, the two men called for assistance. Soon, frantic subway workers rushed to get help. A female police officer appeared on the scene and thanked the two heroes. 

The man who fell did not appear to have serious injuries. However, he remained on the floor asking onlookers in Spanish to help him get up.

An upcoming train arrived five minutes later. Meanwhile, the two rescuers shook hands and proceeded to enter the train. The scene looked familiar as these two tough New Yorkers showed that people here are not afraid to risk their lives to save a stranger.