Cultura y conciencia

The 5 Ws and perhaps the HOW...

Nelson Santana

Written by Pamela Ortiz 

May 24, 2010

(the 5 W's)

Q. WHO does that?

A. someone who felt like doing something without caring what you thought!

Q. WHO's perfect?

A. imperfect individuals who know this and accept it, embrace it, and enjoy it. (hint hint...not everyone feels this way but there is a small percentage, i include myself in that small percentage)

Q. WHAT's the worst that can possibly happen?

A. take life way too serious, you won't enjoy it, you are most likely to develop cardiac problems catch a heart attack and die without achieving anything or fixing the problems that you were so concerned with to begin with.

Q. WHAT was the point of that?

A. if you can't make a point out of anything then you might as well shoot yourself, there's an underlying reason for everything.

Q. WHY can't we just all get along?

A. some individuals are extremely annoying, they talk out of context, they try way too hard to be someone they are not and truth be told life would be extremely boring if everyone got along and shared the same ideas and operated in the same ways.

Q. WHY me?

A. because if its not you it will be someone else and then they will be asking themselves the same exact effin questions, that's why YOU! guess what next time it might be me!

Q. WHEN is it the best time to just stfu? AkA WHEN is enough enough?

A. whenever you feel like it, don’t let anyone dictate when you should speak your mind. Now, you should definitely know when to stfu as there's always that moment of “oh ok this is just redundant and unnecessary” and your conscious lets you know (some people however may not have the ability to acknowledge it).

Q. WHEN is it “the right moment”?

A. “the infamous right moment” needs to be broken down, this “right moment” phrase is just an over used, over simplified, cliché, front for whenever I feel like it OR whenever you decide to commit to me (negotiation) it can be oddly pathetic in most circumstances in others it may be understandable.

Q. WHERE is that damn remote control?

A. it's right next to you, yet just like everyone else you had to look for it all over the place when it was there all along, when you find it you laugh to yourself because you are there all alone and no one saw was there to see it, but come on it happens to all of us

Q. WHERE is waldo?

A. seriously? as opposed to asking where he is, how about what about waldo makes it easy to find him?

And now the…..


Q. HOW on Earth is this constructive learning?

A. He stands out from the crowd or from the rest...well that would not be the case if the question was not WHERE IS WALDO AND if that was not the title of the "book."

"EDUCATION" IN AMERICA, dealing with this in my K thru 5th grade classes was both frustrating and insulting!